Corolle Mini Coroline Ruby

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Mini Corolline Ruby is a petite 8-inch doll ready to offer for any gift-giving occasion, with an all-vinyl body that is soft to the touch and delicately scented with vanilla. Ruby has brown painted eyes and long, comb-able ruby red hair. She's dressed in a charming floral-print three-hole wraparound dress over underpants and matching molded shoes (not removable). This toy is great to add to a plethora of Corolle Dolls, accessories and clothes. Combine any of the other Mes Mini Corolline dolls to make play time even more fun and full of imagination and creativity including the Rosy - 240010 or the Set with her Dog - 240060. Bring out the nurturing side of children with this simple, yet effective toy. The charm of Corolline Ruby is French influenced and will influence curiosity in children as they play, opening them up to new cultures if they are not of French origin. Bring out the nurturing side of you children with these awesome dolls. At just 8 inches tall, Ruby is the ideal size to slip into a bag or backpack and accompany your child all day long. Blonde Rosy, brunette Romy or redheaded Ruby -- every child can choose their favorite Mini Corolline or collect all three!

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