Giant Dino Velociraptor

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  • 30"-long, realistically detailed Velociraptor dinosaur
  • Flexible latex rubber dino feels just like a real reptile
  • Posable legs encourage kids to create action poses for it
  • Fun and educational!
  • Ages 4 and up.
  • Size Approx. 30"L


Carefully crafted of soft, flexible latex rubber and featuring colorful, authentically textured detailing that makes it look and feel just like a real reptile, this mega model’s posable legs allow kids to create action stances that make it appear even more realistic. The model’s large size gives kids a sense of a real dino's proportions, as do the strong back legs, detailed with Velociraptor's signature claws, that can be posed to position it like the marathon runner it is thought to have been.

Velociraptor was probably one of the more intelligent dinosaurs, featuring a large brain in proportion to its body size. Moving upright on two legs, it may have been able to reach speeds of 24 miles an hour!

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