Kumon Grade 1 Subtraction

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Kumon Workbooks teach children one specific skill from start to finish. The Kumon Method introduces concepts step-by-step, helping children to master each skill in turn as they gain confidence in their abilities and gather motivation to continue learning. Self-directed, Kumon workbooks are designed to nurture good study habits for students who need remedial or enrichment work.

Subtraction, Grade 1 is in the "Kumon Math Workbooks: Calculation Skills" series designed for grades 1-6. This workbook will introduce students to subtracting one-digit numbers from one-and-two digit numbers. Exercises include drill subtraction problems as well as exercises where students fill in the missing numbers by using subtraction patterns. Activities also emphasize counting, reading and writing numbers to 100; addition; two-digit minus two-digit subtraction; addition & subtraction with three numbers; and patterns.

Pages provide the number of points to assign per problem, and there's room at the top for students to write in how many problems they got right alongside their name and the date.

5 7/8 x 4 1/4 inches. Full-color, 96 pages, paperback. This workbook is best suited for 1st Grade. Answer key included in the back of the book.

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