Parashoot Djubi

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Launch it high, catch it low! This parachute-shooting outdoor toy is made up of two components: a grip with a rubber band, and a plastic ball with a parachute inside. Fling the ball up to 80 feet high and watch as the parachute pops out, drifting gently to the ground for another high-flying adventure!

CHOKING HAZARD (4). Not <3 yrs.

Publisher Description:

High-flying parachute fun

The ParaShoot (get it?) is a cool new outdoor toy from Djubi.

Launch it up as far as you can. It can launch 80 feet up! Right as it peaks, it pops open and (you guessed it), out comes the parachute.

Players of all ages love launching and watching it descend to the ground. Who doesn't love a parachute?

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