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Little kids line up for a turn, race after rockets, and find a little piece of heaven in play with this toy. Parents do too – no noise, no batteries, active playtime, energy released, endless reuses, plenty of fun for everyone, and laughter - sweet laughter.

Stomp Rocket Jr. is so easy to use even very small kids can set up the toy rockets, jump, stomp, and launch rockets on their own. Take a Stomp Rocket to an event and kids come by droves to watch and then grin from ear to ear when they see how far the rockets fly. Stomp Rockets get children moving. Not only do kids stomp them, it’s a race to go retrieve them too! Plus, it's sturdy enough that mom, dad, and older brothers and sisters can get in on the fun too!

Kids naturally find creative ways to have fun with the launch pads and safe, foam rockets. They quickly learn how to angle the launcher to hit targets.

It won’t be long before they’re competing for distance, carrying the launcher and launching rockets on the run, and coming up with different ways to stomp - one foot hops, two foot hops, bottom bounces, running leaps - You’ll see soon enough, the variations are endless!

Using Your Stomp Rocket:
Snap the plastic tube onto the base and stomp on the pad. Air shoots through the tube and propels the foam rocket up into the air. (We did say we love the simplicity!)

Stomp Rocket Jr.

  • Soars up to 100 Feet
  • Foam rockets glow in the dark for nighttime fun
  • Rocket flying fun for girls and boys
  • The perfect "stand-by" gift to have on hand
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Play
  • Includes Stomp pad, hose, stand, 4 foam rocket missiles
  • Junior Stomp Rocket missiles are small and safe, made entirely of foam
  • Launching equipment for both Ultra Stomp Rocket & Stomp Rocket Jr. is the same
  • Adult supervision recommended
  • Ages 3+
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