BB Grandma Loves You Because You're You

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From the creators of the bestselling I Love You Because You're You comes a sequel that grandmothers will cherish forever!

Board Book


Little Fox is back again, only this time Fox is spending a day with Grandma.

This endearing story takes the reader through the special moments that a grandchild and grandmother share together -- from making delicious pancake breakfasts and flipping through old photo albums, to singing that special song together and baking cookies Grandma-style!

With sweet, rhyming text and heartwarming illustrations, this sequel to I Love You Because You're You is perfect for fans of the original as well as new generations. Every parent and grandparent will be proud to share the message of this touching story with their little one: Grandma's love for you is so special. I love everything that we do. I want you to always remember. Grandma loves you because you're you!

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