## Bla Bla Bla Matching and Story Telling Skill Building Game

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Matching pictures and telling stories - an easy and amusing game to stimulate discussion

Number of players: 3 to 5
Ages: 7 - 99 years
Duration: 20 minutes
Contents: 240 cards, 1 dice
Aim of the game: win the most cards
OBJECT: to combine images, tell funny stories… On each round, one of the players is the game leader and throws the dice. “Association”: the players choose a card from their hand which corresponds to a card drawn by the game leader. “Story”: the players choose 2 cards from their hand telling a story with the card drawn by the game leader. In both these cases, the game leader chooses the best version earning its author a card. “Chinese portrait”: each player chooses the card that represents themselves the best. The game leader shuffles these cards then tries to attribute them to the player that chose them. If correct, the player and the game leader win a card.
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