CC Bakery Shop Starter Set

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Bread baking oven: Put the tray in the oven and turn the switch to bake bread.
Openable cash register: Press the button to make it pop open.
Over 20 breads and pastries: Cute buns in the shapes of rabbits, squirrels, houses, and realistic-looking croissants and baguettes totalling at over 20 pieces.
Accessories figures can use: Basket, tray, and tongs can be held by figures. Baker's hat and apron can also be worn by child-sized figures. (Figures sold separately. Some figures may not be able to be combined depending on type.)

Place the sign on the balcony of the Red Roof Cozy Cottage (sold separately) and put the baker's hat and apron on the Hopscotch Rabbit girl to turn the home into a bakery. Also, set the sign on top of the Family Picnic Van (sold separately) to turn the van into a mobile bakery.

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