Gotz Boy Aquini Drink & Wet

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  • Gotz Aquini Boy doll is anatomically-correct, with jointed all vinyl body and 100% waterproof. He has sleeping brown eyes that open and close and is suitable for ages 18 months and up.
  • Set also includes potty, easy-to-fill bottle, a towel, and pacifier. Aquini Boy doll can sit on potty without support. Great as a potty training aid, or as a gift for an older sibling adjusting to a new baby brother in the house.
  • Doll wears long-sleeved shirt with printed buttons, denim jeans and a knit hat in camo design. Set includes bottle, pacifier, potty and diaper.
  • Aquini Boy is the perfect doll to teach important baby bathing, feeding, and potty skills to engage a child's nurturing instincts.
  • All materials used are tested to meet or exceed US and European safety standards. No harmful colors or softeners contained.
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