Herd Moovies & Moosic

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ROLL OUT THE RED CARPET: The best-selling board game for families is back, but in this family game expansion, the questions are all about movies and music.

NO NEED FOR TRIVIA: No need to be right, just give answers that match someone else’s. An ideal family game because adults, teens and kids of any ability can join in.

JOIN THE HERD: A family game expansion of the udderly amoosing original. Board games for family should allow lots of players and this party game is up to 20 players!

THE COW HAS COME HOME: The dreaded cow is back in a cool new golden version. Give an answer that stands out and you’ll get stuck with it and be unable to score.

QUICK TO LEARN EASY TO PLAY: Perfect as an adult party game or a family game. It takes 1 minute to learn and then just jump in and enjoy your Herd Mentality expansion!

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