Highlitghts : Hidden Pictures Game

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  • For ages 6+
  • 2-6 players
  • Play Solo or with Friends
  • Players use their flashlights to illuminate the scene and hunt for objects
  • Game Contents: 1 game board 150 Game Cards 1 Answer Key Game instructions 6 Flashlight Wands

Team up and work together to search for 150 things to find in this nighttime carnival scene loaded with surprises. Use your Flashlight wand to make the scene on the game board magically appear, and hunt for cleverly hidden things to find on a game board measuring over 3 feet long. Look carefully, because all objects are cleverly disguised in a variety of Hidden Pictures ways. The trickier the search, the more points you can score. Race to be the first team to find enough things to score the most points and win!

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