Kumon Math Bites - Multiply & Divide Grade 3

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Kumon MathBites Workbooks are meticulously crafted learning resources that aim to boost the confidence of young learners struggling with confidence in math while nurturing their calculation skills and fostering a sense of achievement.

These workbooks are thoughtfully designed to contain bite-sized tasks on each page, perfect for children to complete within a few minutes. The scaffolded structure of each page emphasizes perseverance, practice, and effort, which, in turn, fosters a sense of motivation in children to continue learning.

This workbook includes the following math topics:

  • 1-digit plus 1-digit without regrouping review
  • 2-digit addition without regrouping
  • 1- and 2-digit addition with regrouping review
  • Mixed 2-digit addition and subtraction
  • 1-digit subtraction without regrouping review
  • 2-digit subtraction with and without regrouping
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