LEGO Minecraft The Devourer Showdown

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The Devourer Showdown (21257) is the first-ever LEGO Minecraft Legends set.

Featuring the most disgusting (and beloved by kids!) Minecraft action figure in a build-and-battle adventure set, it makes a great gaming gift for Minecraft players ages 8 and up.

Set in the new Minecraft Legends world, this LEGO Minecraft toy showcases one of the game’s big bosses, The Devourer.

This large buildable figure has long, swinging arms and a body covered in scabs, scars, sores, and fungal growths. With the press of a button, The Devourer can fire vomit ‘missiles’ from its mouth and launch mucus elements from its backpack.

The building kit includes a Minecraft Ranger Hero figure, with authentic elements from the game: a flag, cape, diamond sword, and lute.

The Ranger rides a Big Beak bird and commands his allies – a skeleton and a cobblestone golem.

For extra digital fun with this buildable role-play action toy, the LEGO Builder app allows builders to zoom in, rotate models in 3D, and track their progress.

Contains 420 pieces.

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