Lego Space Roller Coaster

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3 in 1 toy – Kids 9 years old and up can enjoy fun in space with this LEGO Creator 3in1 Space Roller Coaster playset, featuring 3 models to build and rebuild in 1 box

3 different rides – Space fans can build 3 different amusement park rides: a Space Roller Coaster, a drop tower, and a carousel

Fast-paced intergalactic adventure – The roller coaster has a winding track where 3 carts can zoom around surrounded by planets, shooting stars, and meteors

Plummeting and spinning action – The drop tower has an elevator that goes up to the top before falling to the ground, while the carousel has a mini space rocket and space shuttle that quickly rotate

5 minifigures – The Christmas toy for kids includes an astronaut, a dad, and 2 children, a scientist, plus a baby astronaut. Kids can swap the characters’ outfits to create fun new looks

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