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One full size Stomp Rocket, and four mini hand-powered Squeeze Rockets!

One Ultra Stomp Rocket
Set up the Stomp Rocket launch stand and blast into hours of air-rocket excitement. Just slide a rocket over the tube and then stomp down hard on the air pad. Immediately the rocket zings straight up to two hundred feet!

Four Mini Squeeze Rockets
Spread the excitement to all of your friends with the four mini Squeeze Rockets! Hold a Squeeze Rocket in your hand, slide on a mini foam rocket and SQUEEEEZE! Small rockets launch 30 feet in the air! Not bad for simple hand power. With twenty mini rockets to launch, you've got entertainment on hand for everyone!

(Fun for sure, and lesson plans available at the Stomp Rocket website allow you to have SERIOUS FUN with investigations of trajectory, projection, force, and motion!)

You'll find upward mobility in motion - and emotion. Ideal for thrilling kids and those who used to be kids.

Ultra Stomp Rocket Party Pack

  • A full-size Ultra Stomp Rocket and four Squeeze Rocket Blasters!
  • Encourages physics investigation, muscular strength, interaction
  • Simple assembly in seconds
  • Stomp Rocket launches up to 200 feet
  • Mini Squeeze Rockets launch up to 30 feet
  • Squeeze Rocket bulbs fit in the palm of a hand
  • Rockets are completely reusable
  • Helps teach scientific concepts: trajectory, projection, force, motion
  • Lesson plans found at Stomp Rocket website
  • Includes 1 Ultra Stomp Rocket launch pad, air hose, stand, 10 full size rockets, 4 Squeeze Rocket bulbs, 20 foam mini rockets
  • Simple detailed instructions included
  • Reliable Stomp Rocket design
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